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July 24, 2020

Burj Ul Arab

Dubai has become a dynamic city with a popularity of providing expanding tourism destinations. Dubai is located in the southern Persian Gulf and taken as one of the well-known cities of the world. Dubai has given the impression for itself with highly designed buildings which make a unique identity of Dubai, Burj al Arab is one most of the greatest buildings in Dubai, and the height of this hotel is 1000ft.

The best part of Burj Ul Arab is it is the World’s only seven stars hotel in the world. It is the largest and tallest building and has a shape of a sailboat; it is the second tallest building with smooth progression which shows the icon of the city. This beautifully constructed building was designed by Tom Wright of WS Atkins, and he is British architect and designer, although the design and construction were handled by the Canadian engineer Rick Gregory.This building has 202 rooms, 18 elevators, and 60 floors; it is situated on the manmade island from the Jumeirah Coast that is managed by the Jumeirah group.

The hotel established in December 1999.It includes 11 floors of Dubai’s iconic skyscraper, Burj Khalifa which is the most attractive part of the building and has an exclusive entrance. This hotel does not contain any ordinary room but all luxury rooms with excellent hospitality and well-mannered staff, each floor has a reception desk and Jacuzzis in each suit. The building also has helipad near the roof which provides rides for arrival and departure from the hotel, and this makes separately iconic this building. This building has central two hotels named “Al Muntaha,” “Al Mahara.” These hotels have their separate pool and Jacuzzis area.

Burj Al Arab has three big aquariums two of these are installed in the lobby area, and the circular tank is in Al Mahara restaurant with different fishes and species. There are about 28000 well-lighted fixtures in Burj al Arab. As they have been taken care about construction and design the owner was also very focused on interior designing so they hired a top notch interior designers called Khaun Chew, of KCA International and the vibrant colors were chosen from the element of earth, fire and water, although the building interior is full of traditionally equipped and carpets and rugs was imported from South Africa, and India, marble from Brazil and Italy, beautiful chandeliers from Uk and wooden doors from Dubai and interest sting things from marbles used is those are same marbles which Michelangelo used to create his sculpture. Gold leaf is also used to embellish the interior of the building, and the building is also overstated with about 43,446 sq meter glass. The hotels except for Al Manara and Al Muntaha there are also more hotels which are catering this building like Al Iwan, Junsui, Bab Al Yam, Sahn Eddar, and Skyview Bar. There are some banquet and conferences facilities also like Al Falak Ballroom, Marina Garden, Talise Spa, Assawan Amphitheatre, Diwania Library.

In short, Burj Ul Arab is the place where everyone should visit once in life to feel luxurious atmosphere and hospitality, as this is the iconic building which became the identity of Dubai.

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