Hummer Desert Safari Dubai

Dubai is a tourism-promoting city. One of the greatest tourist attractions of Dubai is its Desert Safari. Desert Safari is an activity of driving or riding a vehicle on deserts mostly dunes. For such off-roading experience, traditionally, a Large 4×4 vehicle is used with fair customizations to bear desert atrocities; one of them is equipping them with roll cages to avoid overturns. Just before entering the desert, it is necessary to reduce the tire pressure by a sufficient percentage. It is done to ensure more grip by increasing traction (tires contact) on the sand and, thus, ensuring greater stability. Greater the surface area maintained, greater is the stability guaranteed in the sand.  

Dubai’s Desert Safari itself is a great Experience, but when you want it in style, Hummer Desert Safari is what you should opt. Hummer Safari is the most popular Desert Safari in Dubai, starting at 180 AED. Explore the Dubai desert in the Luxurious Hummer. Admire the beauty of Desert and its scenic landscape.  Get the thrilling views of flashing sands, as you pierce into the desert.

Shout in excitement, as you go up and down, the dunes, make some memories, you would love to recall. Witness the morning sunset, from the Polarized Windows of your Hummer, is just a wonderful experience. Enjoy, the spectacle, when sand rises behind your roller coaster ride. You will get to see, dunes, changing their colors, like the Sun, rises, and sets. Gaze at the sky, during sunset. It will enthrall you, and sunset scene along with this enthralling sensation is an utmost feeling. If you are visiting Dubai, you are recommended not to conclude your trip, without having the lifetime Desert Safari Experience, with the heights of Luxury and Splendor.

Apart from the Hummer rollercoaster ride, there are some other attractions as well to add to your Desert experience. These include:

  • Camel riding:

You may have the camel ride, at the end of Hummer Safari, to have a new breadth, in the desert. As the day time temperature is high enough, it is usually preferred at evening hours. If you are visiting with family, make sure to let children have this ride. Allow them to witness, the dunes, in the typical walking style of a camel.

  • Shisha and Henna Tattoos:

Get a chance to smoke the flavor of Arab shisha. You can also get Henna Tattoos, drawn on your hands, arms, or foots. These tattoos are conservative Arabian traditions. The designers are so skilled that they provide individual designs, with the 100% ensured accuracy.

  • Belly Dancing:

Conclude your Safari watching, Belly Artists, giving excellent performances, the artists performing over there, are performing for a very long time, and thus, are perfectionists.

  • BBQ dinner:

After you get free from all the amusements, you can have splendid BBQ dinner with your partners; you can also enjoy a variety of Traditional Arab Foods.

It is the most Royal Desert Safari Experience, and you would ever have in your life. Don’t forget to click these precious moments spent in the Arabian Peninsula.

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