How to Go Dubai Spice Souk for Free?

July 14, 2020

Dubai Spice Souk

Among the whole World, the Arab Culture is the most famous culture which stirs people from all regions with its Festive Occasions, Arab Exclusive Dressing, Traditions, Rich Lifestyle and a variety of traditionally famous Foods. Among their taste for many other things, the extreme love of Food is a thing, Arabs are remembered of. You would never see an Arab, compromising on the versatility of Foods. Some of their most desired foods, are “Stuffed Camel,” “Al-Harees,” “Al-Machboos” and “Hummus.” These delicacies cannot be enjoyed in a Non-Arab area, except where, there is an Arab person, dedicated to promoting his culture in that particular field. The taste is a very far thing, even the name of these delicacies is a mystery to the non-Arab World. Yes, it is! Arabs are very much conscious for spices in their dishes, maybe, this is how they maintain their ancient traditions of spicy foods.

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Dubai Spice Souk is a traditional spice market (souk) in Dubai. A souk was originally an open-air marketplace, where along with managing a cart, you get a chance to feel the mixture of spice aromas, spreading in various lanes. Historically, souks were held outside cities at locations where incoming caravans stopped, and merchants exhibited their goods. Apart from the trade that occurs, souks were a source of meeting between tribes, exchanging goods, cultural norms, and traditions. With the development of cities, souks were shifted to the urban areas, as an uplift in their practices. This culture of souks is also followed, mostly in the Middle Eastern States, like Pakistan, India.

Being on a visit to Dubai, if you plan to visit, the “Souk Market” you have to take the minimalistic “Abra Ride” to reach Souk, and take the same ride, back home. Abra, which is a wooden boat in Dubai, is a traditional water ride, of Arabs. It is good to travel by, in these rides, amidst the rows of city skyscrapers. You will get to witness the Arab, of earlier times.

Visiting Dubai Spice Souk, you get to see, a wide range of colorful spices. These colorful spices, each with its taste and odor, are responsible for the richness of food varieties in the land. If you are keen to seek Arabian recipes, you are advised to allocate a good some budget to go and grab all the essential spices, in your carts, to have some days of Arabian feasts at your place, in your Region.

Dubai is sometimes, sweltering hot, due to desert heat. In such circumstances, one can hardly think of going outside, but this is actually, not the case in Dubai. Here, you witness the Souks with all time running Air Conditioning Systems, which won’t let you down, even in the worst cases. This is another luxury; you would only see in Dubai. These luxuries are only Dubai Exclusive, you would not see any Roofless shops, with embedded Air Conditioning Systems. The charms of Dubai enchant upon the World and proclaim that it is very, a Paradise on Earth.

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