Dubai City Tour Packages

Each place in this world has its uniqueness that pulls the tourists. In such regard, Dubai is one of the significant visitor center points in the Middle East, where various individuals travel and explore round the year. Indeed, even the recently wedded couple when choosing for their special night out thinks of going to Dubai for beginning their new life in such an excellent and eye getting a spot of the world. The Arabic culture is particularly and charming for the general population originating from various ranges of the world. It is smaller with different lovely places that entrance the vacationers and urge them to spend their memorable moments

Itinerary Description

Let’s discuss tour itinerary in details.

  • Gold Souk and Spice Souk tour

Deira lies on the northern bank of Dubai Creek. The twisting roads and the blend of various nationalities elevate the reputation of Dubai. On the shore, decorated boats stacked named as Dhow and restaurants; offices give a luxury outlook to the city. For explorers, Deira is most famous for its customary or traditional souks (markets). Deira Gold Souk is a market where Gold items are sold. It is incredibly famous and biggest gold bazaar on the planet. Then there is the Deira Spice Souk, the place where the customers or the tourists can conveniently buy cumin, paprika, saffron, sumac, and thyme, and the fragrant old wood rose water and many other similar items.

  • A visit to the historic Bastakiya

The Bastakia Quarter represented the houses of famous person vendors of the 19th century. The Arabian architecture and the thin paths depict the past and glorious history of Dubai. It is also known as Old Dubai. Inside it, there is a beautiful gallery where great traditional Arab earthenware production and furniture are displayed. The exhibition of contemporary craftsmanship in the galleries is the main source of attraction for the people who come all around the world. The people who belong to architecture and who are famous lovers, they consider this place best to satisfy their historical appetite.

  • A round the majestic Burj Khalifa.

The principal reason behind almost every individual to visit Dubai is to explore the 828 meters high historical point of Dubai, Burj Khalifa. The view on a beautiful sunny morning from the highest point of the tower is stunning and shocking. Additionally, eating the dinner in the mists at 148th floor is one of the best elements of this tower. Spending the whole day is even less to make the most of its excellence due to the recreation center, large waterfall, outside wellspring, substantial Dubai aquarium and the submerged zoo is not a value seeing only for the kids but rather for the grown-ups as well. The wellspring inside the Burj Khalifa and outside the entryways of Dubai shopping center is another notorious structures that enamor the eyes of the visitors.

  • A round trip to the Dubai Museum

Another tourist attraction in Dubai is its museum “Al Fahidi Fort” that offers a chance to know about the historical backdrop of Dubai. This gives a feeling that all the improvements, advancements and innovation are just a continuation of a voyage of a kind and recognized the human progress that was subjected to various societies and individuals. It is also depicted the solid and strong integration of Arabism and Islam. If we observe old and present day Dubai, which was isolated a couple of years ago, it will demonstrate a considerable, nonstop endeavors that drove Dubai to its present condition of advance and spearheading.

  • Walk through the Sheik Zayed Road

Sheik Zayed Road is the most famous and frequently used lane passing through Dubai’s current downtown business region. This broad, eight-path expressway rims with towering glass, chrome, and steel elevated structures along its whole length. It’s one of the best on-the-ground vantages. The majority of Dubai’s renowned shopping centers and other tourists attracted malls are situated around it. The Dubai World Trade Tower has a deck on its top floor where people enjoy the panoramic view of Dubai. It is a cheaper than Burj Khalifa but there are other stops like Gold and Diamond Park and with 118 markers and 30 retailers of jewelry all under one rooftop.

  • Visiting The Atlantis, The Palm & World Islands.

There are almost 300 fewer artificial islands which enhance the beauty of the city to a large extent. These man made islands are home to private homes, dream resorts, home homes and that’s just the beginning. The shape of these islands is like a palm tree. They have been made with such flawlessness that it ‘s hard to trust that they are human-made. Atlantis Palm Jumeirah is something other than an inn.These islands are given a tremendous experience of marine life with dolphins, waterway rides, and shark safari. Those remaining at the Atlantis Palm Jumeirah have free access to every one of these attractions

  • Palm Jumeirah Beach Trek

Palm trees are one of the trees that characterize this place. So an artificial island made in the state of a palm tree is one of the best creations here for which human inventiveness is applauded to a great deal. Palm Jumeirah a human-made island is known to be a human triumph in the realm of establishment and advancement. Individuals who visit Dubai feels necessary to explore the tranquility of this island. The blue water around this island charm the vacationers a considerable measure. The scrumptious suppers here in various hotels and restaurants are known for their novel taste and the way they serve the dinner.

  • Visiting the Burj Al Arab Hotel.

The Burj Al-Arab is the world’s tallest hotel, standing 321 meters high on its artificial island on the Dubai coastline. The design of it resembles the famous boat of the Middle East named as Dhow. The choreographed colored light show at night fascinated some people. Although it’s expensive, people love the interior, especially the underwater Al-Mahara restaurant, where floor-to-ceiling glass panels on the dining room walls give the opportunity to its customers of viewing sea life while eating. The Skyview Bar (a minimum spend is required) on the 27th floor offers a beautiful view of Dubai from the top. Moreover, sitting on the floor, reading a book afternoon with a cup of tea gives a very soothing effect to which people are attracted.

  • The Grand Jumeirah Mosque visit

Jumeirah Mosque is considered to be the best architecture in Dubai. The beautifully structured mosques are not only a place to worship God, but some tourists are compelled to visit it due to its beauty and serenity. The Jumeirah Mosque is an excellent case of Islamic engineering. This stone structure and the two minarets give a sign of spirituality for Muslims.

The Sheik Mohammed Bin Rashid, who take care of the Mosque, sort out guided voyages through the mosque for the tourists. Revealing the true reality of the mosque to the travelers creates more interest for all. Visits start at 10 am every day, aside from Fridays.

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