Hatta Mountain Safari Tour

If you are looking for something really amazing to do in Dubai other than usual busy city life there, then you have got to visit the Hatta Mountains located in the outskirt terrain of Dubai. The Hatta mountain safari tour provides you with an unforgettable experience and is best for tourists who wish to seek the natural yet astonishing side of Dubai.

 Tour Itinerary

  • Drive Through Hatta Wadis
  • Hatta Treks And Hatta Pools
  • Market Visit
  • Hatta Heritage Village

Hatta Mountain Safari Deals & Price

Our charges for Hatta Mountain Safari are below.

175 DH per head

Itinerary Description 

Drive Through Hatta Wadis

We’ll pick you up from the guest location at sharp 8:30 am and will drive you off straight to cooling Hatta Wadis. You’ll witness beautiful scenery and will take back along some picturesque Arabic memories. Driving in your luxury four wheeled vehicles you’ll get to see the magnificent Hajar Mountains of UAE. This will give you the experience of adventurous rocky landscape drive leaving you with adrenaline rush.

While driving for an hour through this undulating landscape, you’ll experience something very beautiful and breathtaking. You’ll get to explore the Wadis and dry river beds which get filled in winters because of rain pouring down from gigantic Hajjar Mountains.

Hatta Treks And Hatta Pools

Although the river beds are going to be dry but you’ll get to enjoy freshwater rock and hidden waterfalls, so don’t forget to bring your swimsuits. Have a fun bath/shower with cool and breezy water and try spotting out as many waterfalls in the gorges as you can. They are something you shouldn’t miss.

Market Visit

Right after serving you delicious lunch we’ll head over to the popular street markets where you can shop for pottery and carpets. You’ll come across some incredible piece of work and would love to take back home at least one thing from there. We will provide you with the sufficient time to discover the market and pick out the best pieces for yourself.

Hatta Heritage Village

Our last stop will be at the Hatta Heritage Village, located in the heart of the Hatta mountainous area. You’ll get to see the traditional mountainous rural life as the village comprises of illustrations, graphics/audios, sculptures, documents, models, etc to give the tourists an insight of what their culture and tradition is all about. You’ll get to view the traditional weapons (rifles, cannons, swords, daggers, guns, etc.) as well as other household materials such as ornaments, food, clothing, and musical instruments. The real sculptures give an idea of the social life of the people of old Hatta.

Overall, the village provides an entirely different traditional living style in Dubai. With this the Hatta Mountain Safari tour will come to an end and we’ll drop you off at the pick up location around 2:30pm. Your safety and comfort will be taken great care and we advise that pregnant women and anyone suffering from back pain issues avoid the tour as this may worsen their condition while driving through hilly areas.

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