Jumeirah Mosque Tour Guide & Dress Code

July 22, 2020

Jumeirah Mosque

When it comes to Dubai many things covered up our mind like big shopping malls, huge structured buildings, and towers, nightlife, beach and much more, this is the why people always think first for Dubai when they are planning for vacations. It is the situated at sea level and whenever we talk about sea sights of Dubai Jumeira is the first place which comes to our mind. Let us explain you a bit about Jumeira that it is a very calm residential area with fabulous beaches like Jumeira Public Beach; this beach is one of the greatest unnatural island and one of the most precious Jumeira Mosque. A tour to Dubai is nearly undone without taking a trip to Jumeira Mosque.

Note: This attraction is included in our Dubai City tour.

Why Jumeira Mosque “is the attraction of Dubai ‘? Jumeira Mosque is the foremost place of devotion in Dubai and yes, one of the most magnificent mosques in the United Arab Emirates. The Mosque was constructed in 1976 under the old Fatimid style which was designed by Moaez, and Hegazi professional consultants and the contract owner was the Al Mulla Contracting company, and it is made up of entirely white sandstones which are the most charming part of it. It is the most visited mosque by tourist to see its charm, it’s a great construction, and most important thing is that there are several arranged tours for non-Muslims also for six days a week, but there will be one tour daily with some restriction for women that they have to take scarf while visiting mosque, while entry fees for the Mosque is 20 AED per person, although entry for children who come under 12 is free.

As the utmost landmark of Dubai, this mosque has the capacity for 1200 devotees to perform their worships. The beauty and charm of this mosque are two similar minarets tower and forming a big dumb in the middle, and the sophisticated mastery is too much highlighted when its brighten up in the dusk. Mosque is situated on the path of Jumeira Road, which is easily approachable by any transportation, whereas  the Sheikh Mohammad Center for Cultural Understanding (SMCCU) arranged and offered a detailed tour visit of the Mosque which is scheduled six days a week from Saturday to Thursday, where the reservation of tour is not necessarily but arrival at the main gate is surely important at 9:45 AM sharp. However, the decent clothes are asked to enter the mosque and good news for those people who want to keep the tour as memory, so they can take pictures because a camera is allowed there.

One of the most interesting factors of this Mosque is that this Mosque offers “Open doors and Open Minds,” programs which are open to the public and devoted to encourage and receive non-Muslim guests. The aim of this program is high to promote Emirati culture and religion in the easygoing and casual environment at this benchmark mosque these tours come to an end with complimentary yummy pastries and some question and answer session where all visitors are all free to ask any query about Islam religion and Emirati culture.

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