What is Dune Bashing Meaning in the Desert Safari Dubai?

July 24, 2020

What Does Dune Bashing Meaning?

Whenever people from different regions, think of a foreign excursion, they prioritize Dubai over all the other World. Here’s a reason, the city of Dubai has been the greatest tourist attraction in past few years, whether you are a pleasure seeker or an adventure junkie, you would love during your stay in Dubai. You will also experience the real Emirati life in this Persian Gulf, are some memories, that you can always cherish in your life, past your visit.

One of the greatest attraction of Dubai is the part of Arabian Desert, that is bounded by Dubai – the Dubai Desert. Dubai is called the Desert City, for the ultimate attraction of its picturesque desert landscape. From a long list of desert adventures, one is Dune Bashing. It is a not to miss experience if you are visiting Dubai or planning your trip. People take their Dubai trip, an opportunity to experience the best dune bashing spot in the whole planet.

Dune Bashing is an activity of driving a vehicle in desert sand, usually desert mountains in special 4×4 jeeps, or High-Power Quad Bikes, and Buggies sometimes. Whatever the vehicle, you may use, you have to make some special arrangements to have a thrilling adventure, with all the safety measures ensured. These include Tire Pressure Lowering, by 50 %, Replacing traditional rims with Bead lock rims and fixing roll cages on your ride, to avoid possible overturn injuries. Moreover, you can also check your Engine Coolant, so that, the Engine never disturbs you during your grand adventure.

Enjoy enchanting beauty of the turning dunes, under the immense Sun. Discover the beauty and customs of the desert, with the vitalizing nature surrounding you. Here are the most popular spots for the Dune Bashing experience in Dubai:

  • Bidayer – also known as “Big Red,” for its Red Sand, is the most reserved spot that remains occupied by a real strength of tourists’ whole year. This is because the dunes here are easy for beginners and less skillful drivers. It is located at a distance of 45 minutes from mainstream Dubai.
  • Sweihan – is holds a bit technical experience. People visiting for the first time may find it difficult, and hard joy, yet impressive. Therefore, they are not advised for its big dunes. However, it is the matter of fact, which most of the tourists, visiting there are thrill seekers, and they never avoid to visit this challenging spot. According to Locals, we’ve concluded that most of them manage to make their way. Well, this is all, the power of will and thrill.

  • Liwa desert – the largest desert in Arabian Peninsula, with the most painful experience of dune bashing. Professionals come here to proclaim their skills and take challenges. This place is where the most dune bashing stunts festivals occur. It is at a distance 150-200 minutes from residential Dubai.

Some other activities to add to your desert experience include Sand Boarding (only in moderate temperatures), Camel Riding (preferred for family experience), Quad Biking (which is a sport of energetic young men).

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