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Things to do Marina Dubai

July 22, 2020

Dubai is a beautiful place to visit, like a pearl in the desert. It provides amazing and attractive places to its visitors of all ages. There are many activities and things that you can do in Marina Dubai. I have listed some of the amazing things that you can do there.

Dhow cruise

If you want to spend your evening in a good place, the Dhow cruise Marina is the best place for you. You can have your dinner with a view of sunset and music around you. You will surely enjoy your evening there. You can arrange a romantic dinner in the open air in the boat with a delicious dinner.

Go for shopping at Dubai marina mall

If you visit Dubai, then you must go to the marina mall, Dubai as this mall is a paradise for shopping. There you will get all fashion brands, amazing design, spa, cinema, and also best water views at dining spots. You want to buy each and everything there, but make sure you have enough money for that.

Watching water sports

You can enjoy watching, water sports at Marina Dubai. International marine club Dubai organizes almost forty national, local and international water sports. These sports are amazing to watch.  These sports are amazing that you can spend your whole day there.

Dubai marina walk

The Dubai Marina walk is a walkway of 7km, and palm trees are lined to this path. This view represents a great view for those who love to walk near greenery. There are many food points near this walkway that can make you feel hungry and to force you to go to eat something. This site is so beautiful that you want to walk long there. But do not forget to take pictures there.

Gallery one

If you love art, then you must go to gallery one where you will see amazing artworks by different artists. You will get giftable art there that you can give to your friends or anyone you love. You can buy those artistic things for your home as well. This art gallery is a famous place for artists, so you can go there easily. So you must buy something that will remind you, your beautiful trip to Dubai.

Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai is a wonderland in the mall of Emirates that is located near the Dubai marina. This place is almost 3000 sq ft from the earth and is the ride for all ages. You have to ride a chairlift to enjoy the whole view. You will also see daily penguin march that you do not want to miss. So go to the mall of emirates, and enjoy your ride with a beautiful view in the snow.

Desert safari

Although it can’t be done in Marina, Desert safari is the famous desert of Dubai located at an hour’s distance from Marina so do not forget to go there. You can contact us for your desert safari tour. Our company organizes tours to desert safari, sea, and many more places and will take you there. Get prepares for adventure and to explore different places.

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